Our Approach

At Isabelle LaRue, we believe in the power of beauty, craftsmanship, and responsible production. Our mission is to create high-end resort and swimwear that not only embodies elegance and style but also respects our planet and its people.

Materials and Product

We are committed to using durable, natural fibers and crafting timeless designs. Our focus is on sourcing eco-friendly materials that minimize environmental impact while ensuring the longevity of our fashion items. We believe in reducing waste and promoting a sustainable consumption model.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Our dedication to responsible production is at the heart of our operations. We rigorously monitor our partner factories to ensure compliance with the best industry practices and international standards. Our relationships with suppliers are built on a foundation of ethics and professionalism, ensuring that every piece we create is made with respect for both the workers and the environment.


Sustainability is a key driver in our production processes. We actively seek the most energy-efficient and water-efficient methods available, continually striving to reduce our environmental footprint. From reducing emissions to minimizing waste, every step we take is aimed at protecting our planet for future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Isabelle LaRue is more than just a fashion brand; we are a community committed to making a positive impact. Our corporate social responsibility efforts extend to diversity and inclusion, community engagement, and partnerships with NGOs and other organizations that share our vision for a sustainable future.

Transparency and Governance

We believe in the importance of transparency in our sustainability journey. Our governance structure ensures that our sustainability efforts are aligned with global initiatives and standards. We are committed to being open about our progress and challenges, as we continuously work towards a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry.